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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 17 (Unity)

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I will never stop recommending it to people. Like any show it has had its ups and downs, but unlike any other show I have ever watch it is consistently great. So sad its coming to an end, but 15 seasons, damn, not many shows have hit that milestone. It is a show that makes me laugh, cry, get mad, happy and many other emotions, it is so easy to get invested. The characters are awesome and I care for them. Not to mention the actors, I love them just as much. Great show. Now that Im completely caught up with every episode out up to season 14 episode 6, I feel like I can give my full opinion. I love the show and how it bounces between comedy, suspense, and moments that completely break your heart. I think as time has gone on, the show has been able to master some of the emotions it does best all of the while touching up on the parts that people may complain about.

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