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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 1 Watch Online

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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 1 (Out of the Darkness,Into the Fire)

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I love the Winchester brothers.It may not be everyones cup of tea but the show has a charm of its own. Cowboy feel and the midwest setting is great. I love how the show is all about family & friends instead of dumb romances. Its one of the best shows about things that go bump in the night. The middle seasons are a bit of a drag, the first 5 seasons are epic and the currently running season is somewhere in between. However, even if the larger story about the brothers personal crisis isnt great in all seasons the episodes where they just help out people and solve random cases are always great. The show also has great supporting characters that have a lot of depth, Bobby, Cas, Jack, Crowley, Rowena, Charlie, Kevin and Rufus to name a few.

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